Sawston’s Future

Sawston is a wonderful place to live. Whether you have been here for many years or have recently joined our community we are sure you enjoy the wide range of facilities and experiences that our village offers to us. Equally we are sure you have a list of ideas that would help make our village an even better place to live. What we all know is that our village is a growing community, and that this growth is going to continue for the foreseeable future. Our location in South Cambridgeshire places us at the heart of intense pressure for housing growth in coming decades.

The parish council wants to ensure that our community develops in the most positive ways possible in the coming years. Therefore, parish councillors are focussing on developing a strategic plan for the future. We are focussing on issues including the High Street, car parking, sport, social clubs, village maintenance, transport, housing, the environment, young people, older people, families and many other more specific topics such as allotments and village/town status.

Whilst parish councillors clearly have a range of views on these matters, we are but one small group of people in our village. Our remit is fundamentally to serve the community as a whole and seek to reflect the widest possible range of views for Sawston’s future. Over the coming months we want to hear from as many individuals and groups as possible regarding what future you want our village/town to have.

Please also take a few moments to complete the two online surveys regarding sports facilities and participation that we are currently running.