Sawston Timebank/SHOUT!

Sawston Timebank has now folded but a group that were involved has now created a new group with the same members which everyone is welcome to join. The new group is called SHOUT!

Because they cannot continue the group under the Timebank banner, they have formed a new community group called SHOUT! (Sawston Helping OUt Together). The goals are taken from the best parts of Timebank but to drop the actual timebanking exchange. The goals of SHOUT! are the following:

     • To promote social and recreational activities,

     • To encourage mutual support and joint aid among our members,

     • To provide activities that are inclusive to all members ( of charge and disability friendly),

     • To run short term projects to improve the village of Sawston,

     • To improve links between other Sawston based groups to further benefit the village.

More details of SHOUT! and planned events can be found online at

Click here for an application form.