Recordings of Sawston Parish Council and Committee Meetings

Cemetery Committee “Virtual”: 16 Jun 2020

Full Parish Council “Virtual”: 9 Jun 2020

Finance & General Purposes “Virtual”: 2 Jun 2020

Please note that Item 7 “Quotes for S106 Projects” has been muted to comply with the decision to put the meeting into private session due to commercially sensitive information being discussed.

Recreation & Open Spaces “Virtual”: 26 May 2020

Annual Parish Council Meeting “Virtual”: 12 May 2020

This recording commenced on the first item, just after the nomination and during the re-election of Cllr Kevin Cuffley as Chair of the Council

Extra Full Council Meeting “Virtual”: 5 May 2020

Extra Full Parish Council “Virtual”: 28 April 2020

Parish Full Council “Virtual”: 14 April 2020

Full Council (Ad-hoc ) Meeting “Virtual”: 26 Mar 2020

Parish Full Council “Virtual”: 24 Mar 2020

Councillors discuss impact of Lockdown and how we had not yet had legislation passed in Parliament to meet virtually, despite Ministerial statements

Parish Full Council: 10 Apr 2018 (Part 2 of 2)

Parish Full Council: 10 Apr 2018 (Part 1 of 2)